Рекламный проспект TR-Electronic

Dear Business Partners,

We are pleased to notify you that since September 1, 2016 a new updated product catalog TR-Electronic in Czech language will be available. In the catalog you will find an overview of the TR-Electronic production program, including the activities of its daughter company TRsystems and division UNIDOR.

In case of interest in our printed catalog, please  contact us at zastoupeni.tr@del.cz.

New product catalog TR-Electronic (CZ) can be downloaded here and from the DEL website: CATALOG TR / CZ (PDF file 2,4 MB)

The main product catalog TR-Electronic (EN / DE) is available for download from the following links: CATALOG TR / EN (PDF file 79 MB), CATALOG TR / DE (PDF file 88 MB).

Further information can be obtained from the TR-ELECTRONIC company website using a web tool called SELECTOR.